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50Ω RG8 Coaxial Cable

HiroSys COAXDS-RG8 analog and digital coaxial cable feature 50 Ω nominal impedance, aluminum foil and tinned copper braid shields. The cable is engineered for critical application in the high signal sequences of wireless and data communication system where lower attenuation required. The 50 Ω coaxial cable is used in most Radio Frequency and Microwave Transmission, Local Area Net work (LAN), computer and many instrumentation / control applications.





  Inner Conductor :  Bare copper ø=2.60mm
  Insulation :   Foam PE ø=7.20mm
  Inside Shield :   Aluminum Foil / Polyester tape / Aluminum Foil
  Outside Shield :   Tinned Copper Braid Coverage>77%
  Jacket :   PVC Outer Sheath ø=10.2mm
  Approx. Weight :   138kg/km
  Electrical Characteristics  
  Characteristic Impedance : 50Ω
  Capacitance : 85pF/m
  Velocity Ratio :   80%