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High-definition Digital OB1 Stage Box

The HDDSBHSOB1-M is a well built and reliable metal constructed stage box that is part of the OB1 Hybrid Cable System targeted for television inside/outside broadcasting applications and live performances.

This stage box consists of 8 pair of XLR male and female receptacles that are wired parallel for each channel, 3 BNC Jack connectors that accept HD video up 3Gb/s and 1 CEE 16A/250AC power socket on its front panel and a customized male multi-pin receptacle with dust cover on its side panel. This customized male multi-pin receptacle consists of 3 specially made coaxial inserts that can handle 3 Gb/s SDI HD video transmission, 4 male gold plated insert pins for AC power and 27 gold plated male insert pins for audio.

This stage box can be used for either input or output applications. HD quality video can be transmitted via maximum 100m of OB1FM100-2G hybrid snake cable from stage box to OB vehicle with acceptable quality. The HDDSBHSOB1-M stage box combines with OB1 hybrid snake cable, OB1FM100-2G and OB1, and hybrid fantail cable, OB1F005M-2G, provide extended bi-directional connections from field crews to OB Vehicle.



  • 8 pairs x XLRs Male and Female receptacles wired parallel.
  • 3 × BNC jacks (3G-SDI ready & D Series mounting panel).
  • 1 × IEC/CEE 16A 2P+E 250V AC electrical socket.
  • 1 × Exclusive Male multi-pin receptacle with dust cover for OB1 hybrid cable.
  • Made with Industrial galvanized sheet steel.



    XLR BNC Power Multi-pin Connector
  Insertion/ 15.4kg Maximum Insertion  Spiral with "Snap in" Locking  Meets VDE Standard  Spiral with "Snap in" Locking 
  Withdrawal Forces  11.0kg Normal Insertion      
    15.4kg Maximum Withdrawal      
    11.0kg Normal Withdrawal      
  Thermal Range -55°C~+88°C  -55°C~+88°C  -25°C~+55°C  -55°C~+88°C 
  Humidity  MIL-STD-202F MIL-C-39012  N/A MIL C5015 
  Salt Spray  MIL-STD-202F N/A  N/A  MIL-STD-202F
  Shells  Die-cast; Satin-nickel  Brass, Nickel-plated   Polycarbonate  Aluminium Die-cast; Black Velvet  
  Socket Contacts  Copper Alloy, Gold-plated  Brass, Nickel-plated  Amaplast Copper alloy, Gold-plated
  Pin Contacts Copper Alloy, Gold-plated Bronze, Gold-plated  Brass Copper alloy, Gold-plated
  Latch Release  Steel, Nickel-plated N/A  Polycarbonate Rubber Waterproof Latch 
  Insert Lock-Cam  Die-cast Zinc Brass, Nickel-plated N/A Stainless Street Cam
  Waterproof  N/A N/A IP 44 10m Depth for 12 Hours