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Hybrid Cable

HiroSys OB1 cable is designed for outside broadcasting applications where it is necessary to combine in single cable different signals: audio, video and power. This allows having only one cable running from the field where camera, monitor and mixer are located to the OB vehicle. The power conductors have a double spiral tinned copped shield and overall tinned copper braid shield and PVC jacket complete the cable.



  • Digital 3G-SDI transmission including digital audio and power supply.
  • Transmission distance under SMPTE 424M is up to 100m for 3Gb/s signal.
  • Excellent shielding and super low damping values.
  • Ideal for broadcasting vehicle applications, sporting events and big live preformance.



  Element 1 (Power) Bare Copper Cross Section : 2.50mm2
    PVC Insulation
    Cotton Tape
    Double Tinned Copper Spiral
    Cotton Tape ø=7.68mm
    Insulation Colour Code: Blue/Brown/Yellow-Green
  Element 2 (Audio 8 Pairs) Bare Copper Cross Section : 0.22mm2
    XLPE Insulation
    GREY PVC Jacket with Numbers ø=2.80mm
    Pairs Colour Code : Rosso/Red
  Element 3 (Video 3 × HDTV) Bare Copper
  (Red, Bule, Green) Foam PE Insulation
    Al/My/Al Foil + Tinned Copper Braid
    PVC Jacket ø=7.20mm
    Jacket Colour Code: Red/Blue/Green
  Cotton Tape Over the Twisting  
  Shield :  Textile Braid
  Shield : Tinned Copper Braid Coverage>80%
  Jacket : SUPER FLEX® PVC BLACK ø=24.5mm 
  Approx. Weight :   690kg/km  
  Electrical Characteristics    
  Element 1 (Power) Conductor Resistance : <10Ω/km
    Insulation Resistance : >12MΩ × km
    Working Voltage : 300/500V
    Test Voltage : 2kV
  Element 2 (Audio 8 Pairs)   Conductor Resistance : <16Ω/km
    Insulation Resistance : >100MΩ × km
    Cond./Cond. Capacitance : 60pF/m
    Cond./Shield Capacitance : 110pF/m
  Element 3 (Video 3 × HDTV) Characteristic impedance : 75Ω
    Capacitance : 51pF/m
    Velocity Ratio :  85%
    Inner DC Resistance :  16Ω/Km
    Outer DC Resistance :  11.5Ω/Km